isa-san-01/Reality is the image of a television show that has already been broadcast. If you continue to watch the image, the new content that is projected will depend on that image.


505 :Mogiri no namera:2010/09/22(Wed) 08:22:54 ID:RQs5ASO20

Please advise me. Something very shocking has suddenly happened in my love life. I am very upset.

Somehow I managed to tell myself to ignore reality, or do the ticket why did it work…. I feel a little relieved when I directly connect with myself that the other person loves me and method, but it doesn’t last long and I immediately start fidgeting thinking about that worry.

I’ve been holding back from posting here because I feel like I’m supporting it, but I want to break out of this state somehow. Please help me.


519 :Mogiri no naiyou san:2010/09/23(Thu) 18:23:58 ID:qyz.UnSU0

I’m passing by.

Reality is just a projection of the inner world, good or bad.
What did you keep saying okay to?


You kept saying it’s ok from above to keep a lid on your insecurities that you might be married. I’m sure you’ve already noticed, but you kept saying it’s okay while looking at the projection without speaking your eyes from the projection.

The projection is just a projection of your inner self, so if you keep looking at the projection, it is only natural that the new projection will be based on it.

What has been projected until now is nothing more than images that have already been broadcast on TV. The images that are being shown now are merely images that have already been created.


The new images are being created within you. All you have to do is acknowledge that you are their spouse. The TV has nothing to do with it, because TV is just TV.


520 :Mogiri no namaisan:2010/09/23(Thu) 19:25:34 ID:WB07d.X60

So no matter how much you do the affirmation method, it won’t come true.

I did it in a state of not believing that I was loved by him.
No matter how much you write in a stance where you don’t believe you love each other, it won’t work because you don’t believe it.

When you really believe it, your body gets warm. I feel connected to him in love, coupled existentially, blessed. I remember that physically.


524-526 : Mogiri no naiyou-san: 2010/09/24 (Fri) 03:04:35 ID:qyz.UnSU0

It can’t be fulfilled again because it has already been fulfilled.

You should see what has already come true.

“I don’t have my glasses, glasses, glasses…” “You’re wearing glasses.” You’re wearing glasses.” I’m looking for them, but they’re not there.
It had already come true before I did the affirmation method.


527 :505 :2010/09/24(Fri) 08:05:54 ID:RQs5ASO20

Thank you very much. It gave me so much courage.
As you said, I think I put a lid on the fact that the other person might be married and thought it was ok. That’s a very realistic view.
So this is what you mean by reality being a projection of the inner self.
I understood it again when I reread the trap of reality in Mr. 108’s blog.


When I think that I am his wife, I feel relieved. I think that is the truth.

But the events that I felt painful still come up like a flashback.

At that time, my heart aches. How should I deal with it?
Should I just go back to being his wife and be at ease?


528 – 529 : Mogiri no namasan: 2010/09/24 (Fri) 09:04:03 ID:qyz.UnSU0

You can go back each time………………….but that is in the past.

Even after several decades of actual marriage, I still feel squeamish about the past.

How is this different from that? You are my wife no matter how you feel or what you think. That’s all there is to it.


530 :505 :2010/09/24(Fri) 09:42:40 ID:RQs5ASO20

Thank you for your quick response in the morning. I am so happy, I feel like crying.
Yes, it is. Even after all these years, I still feel tight when I remember the painful things.
But since I am your wife, it doesn’t matter if I feel tight.
I feel like I am still stumbling in my attempts to make it come true, to make it a phenomenon.

531 :Mogiri no nenrei san:2010/09/24(Fri) 11:54:09 ID:qyz.UnSU0

The fact that you are my wife is the foundation and fact of all this.

If we apply chapter 7, it has already come true. So you are not already trying to make it come true, nor are you trying to make it a phenomenon. You are not even trying to make it happen if you want to.




537: Mogiri no nenbanban : 2010/09/24 (Fri) 21:34:19 ID:ZtiP1ZR.0

Please let me vent because I am feeling uncontrollable.

I also experienced a very desperate situation.
I want to give up, but I cannot.
And if I knew about the ticket, I would think that there is hope.
I think there is hope,
But my ego will soon crush my heart and say, “No. I am crushed by my ego.

When I read the series of responses by Mr. 529, I feel better,
But when I look at the reality, I can’t help but feel frustrated.
I understand what many people are saying now,
But I am not able to make the most of it.

I know I am persistent,
I am in a very desperate situation.
I just want to escape from this pain.
But I feel that the only way to escape is through realization.
I feel like I am working against the projection (the other person),
I cannot control my mind.


542 :Mogiri no nenban-san:2010/09/25(Sat) 00:03:45 ID:ZtiP1ZR.0

Thanks. I was impulsive and exploded earlier. Sorry about that.
I was sure everything was going to be fine. But I’m hopeless and I don’t know what to do.
I’ve been looking at all the responses here and thinking how synchronized it all is. I was surprised.

The ticket was a ray of hope, but now I’m betrayed by it too. What should I believe in then? I wondered.
Even if I do Sedona, it doesn’t get any easier. I’m sorry for everything you’ve taught me.
I don’t know how I can be happy like this.


547/548 : Mogiri no namasan: 2010/09/25 (Sat) 17:47:48 ID:isa5szwA0

If you can’t get away from reality, why don’t you trace the path that twisted people have taken? You can’t help but compare it to reality, can you? Then you can stipulate that reality is the truth.


You’re wrong in your perception of your desires. You don’t really want it to come true. If you keep insisting that you don’t want to fulfill it, maybe something will come out of it.


And, well, this is also from a cynical Leslie, but “I love myself when the other person loves me.” I think that’s what you’re saying. In other words, I don’t love myself as I am now.


If I omit a lot of things, sometimes the true desire is to make “◯◯◯” come true and love yourself. Fulfilling “Fat” is a means in the name of a desire. You want to love yourself, which is your true desire.


So, it would be strange if you want to become the person who has achieved the desire to be fat.

If you want to love yourself, you should love yourself now.


It’s elementary, but I think you’re overlooking it. You should think about which you love more, the person you are now or the person you will be after the realization.

I know it’s almost too much, but if you get an answer that disparages who you are now, I’d suggest self-love first.


549 : Mogiri no naiyou: 2010/09/25(Sat) 18:43:56 ID:isa5szwA0

I wrote in chapter 7. The twisted method is the same way to get to where you are going.


What we perceive as desire = what we perceive as reality.

In other words, it’s a transformation to the perception that the desire has already been fulfilled and is perfect.


Not in the head. You’re stressed because your desires and reality are the exact opposite.

Who wants to go back to the old days? You like the old you that you want to go back to, don’t you? Than who you are now. Those who don’t want to go back to the past, you like your present self better. More than your old self.


So who here likes the person they are now more than the person they were when they came true?

What do you think would happen if you liked your current self more than your fulfilled self?


550 :Mogiri no naiyou san:2010/09/25(Sat) 22:17:25 ID:ZtiP1ZR.0

Twisted formula… It’s a little too much for me right now.
Is the twisted formula the same as chapter 7? When I do the twisted formula, all I get is despair.
But it applies to me that I like myself being loved by the other person.

I like it more when I am fulfilled.
I like myself now…I can say I like myself, but I don’t feel complete.
I applied the advice to 505 to myself and it felt right.

It also made sense to me how much I was looped in reality. I think it is important to adjust your inner self.


>What do you think would happen if I liked my current self more than my fulfilled self?

I wonder what would happen…


552 – 554 : Mogiri no Name-san : 2010/09/25 (Sat) 22:39:24 ID:isa5szwA0

I’m with you. I explained it pretty clearly and at length, but chapter 7 and the twisted one are the same. He didn’t seem to realize it at first, though.


It’s the despair of doing something like this that may or may not come true. Nothing’s going to change now. You recognize that you haven’t come true.


Don’t worry, doing the cynical method won’t change anything. You should read the cynical summary more than once. Because you probably misunderstood.
Nothing changes -> it doesn’t get worse.

556 : Mogiri no nama-san: 2010/09/25 (Sat) 22:48:44 ID:ZtiP1ZR.0

Yes, chapter 7 has been fulfilled and nothing more needs to be done.
I’ll admit that the twisted formula hasn’t come true.
You mentioned self-love, so I recognized that, combined with 553’s story, it was like, you like yourself, you’re fulfilled.


> Don’t worry, doing the twisted method won’t change anything.

When I read here, I thought, eh~~ nothing will change? Then what are you doing it for?
something inside me says.

557-560 :Mogiri no nenban-san:2010/09/25(Sat) 22:51:54 ID:isa5szwA0


Did you read 547? It doesn’t say that.
It’s all about having a firm perception that desire = realization.


108, your approach is often to fix the desire and replace what you perceive to be reality.


The cynics couldn’t bring themselves to take down what they perceive as reality because it would be too painful. So they delve into the desire itself.

On the contrary, that is, the reality that is not being fulfilled now is the truth. So I desire a reality that I am not fulfilling! I assert.


Both sides make us realize that desire = realization, reality.


Self-love is the same.

You want to be loved by the other person -> because you love yourself that way more than you do now -> you want to love yourself more than you do now. That’s a real desire.


To be loved by the other person is only a means to the real desire, which is to “love yourself more than you do now.


Therefore, seeking the other person does not satisfy the desire. If you don’t love yourself more than you do now, your desire is not fulfilled.


Therefore, self-love is to love yourself more than the other person loves you.

This is also a desire that can be realized. You just have to put it into practice right now. Go for it.