isa-san-02/Either way, we live in a world where wishes come true. I hope you will love yourself more and more unconditionally.


553 : Mogiri no namera: 2010/09/25 (Sat) 22:41:32 ID:ZtiP1ZR.

Thank you. You are all so kind, it makes me cry.

But sorry, I’m getting confused. I know I’m not overlapping myself with my thoughts, but I’m making judgments…me in another realm? It’s a little easier to think that this is not my experience. Accepting things as they are makes me bitter. The twisted formula also makes me bitter, as I wrote above.


555 :Mogiri no nenban: 2010/09/25 (Sat) 22:46:16 ID:isa5szwA0

It’s ego, right? Calm down. You can read it again when you calm down, and there is time.


562 :Mogiri no nakamisan:2010/09/25(Sat) 23:20:17 ID:ZtiP1ZR.0 >>560

Thanks! I understood well. I was still rereading the twisted formula. I am an honest person.

I didn’t want to admit it. That I was the one creating this current situation.

Because I wanted it so much, I did the method, and I didn’t do the method.

But what I see in front of me now was my own desire. I understand well the meaning of self-love.


I will try it. 505 and 533, let’s try it. Let’s all be happy together.
Thank you, 560. If you have anything more to say, please say so. I want to hear a lot of your stories.


564 :Mogiri no naman:2010/09/25 (Sat) 23:31:15 ID:isa5szwA0

To answer your question, your desire that made this current situation possible is “I want to pursue my partner. I want to love them.” or something like that, right?


At any rate, the twisted method will give you a desire that fulfills the reality that your ego=reason is convinced of.

Then you will be convinced that desire = reality.


That’s all there is to it. What happens if you like your current self more than your fulfilled self?

I don’t know if you’ve experienced this, but have you ever had a past self that was clearly inferior to your current self?

Could you like the person you were dating or liking then, and like them now?


If you’ve come this far, you know what to do.

You love them and you love yourself for being healthy, right? Than your happy self. So ignore that pretense and just love yourself now more and more unconditionally.


565 :Mogiri no naiyou san:2010/09/25 (Sat) 23:36:18 ID:ZtiP1ZR.0

Ugh, I’m getting confused again.

566-567 : Mogiri no namera: 2010/09/25(Sat) 23:39:08 ID:isa5szwA0

I think what holds #1 is the desire to not let go of the feeling of liking the other person. It seems to me that you are afraid of not liking the other person anymore.


569 :Mogiri no nenban: 2010/09/25 (Sat) 23:47:00 ID:ZtiP1ZR.0

If you look at it that way, maybe that’s true. I feel like if I stop liking the other person, I’m not myself. There is nothing left. That’s not me.

>I don’t want to let go of the feeling of liking the other person.

That’s right. This situation is repeating itself endlessly.


571 :Mogiri no naman:2010/09/25(Sat) 23:55:23 ID:isa5szwA0

That’s why I gave examples from the past. That’s what I mean when I run away saying I’m confused here.
Then think back once again. Maybe, no, definitely, it’s a foolish question, who do I love more, you at the time when I wondered why I was in love with that person, or you now?

I don’t think I would want to go back to that person.

I don’t know if you would like them more when they loved you more than you do now.

But if you stopped liking them, you’d be like the example I just gave.

That’s why Mr. 108 said nothing bad will happen, rest assured.

570 :Mogiri no naman:2010/09/25(Sat) 23:50:23 ID:ZtiP1ZR.0


>You like your partner and your healthy self, don’t you? Than your happy self.

I want to be self-deprecating. I’m not.


>I’m not going to be happy.


Love yourself unconditionally, no matter who you are? I don’t know if I can do that.

That’s going to be part of making it happen.


574 :Mogiri no nenban: 2010/09/25 (Sat) 23:58:34 ID:isa5szwA0


Don’t think about what will or won’t come true, meaning you love it, but you don’t know if you’ll ever stop liking it.

Don’t worry. The person you are now and the person you loved are obviously two different people.

You don’t know that now.

Now, there was a match between your desire to be self-deprecating and not wanting to let go of your feelings of love for the other person and the world you perceive to be real. How do you feel? Whatever the content, you have tasted the reality of your desire. Your wish was fulfilled.

And to go further, remember that drinking water, getting up, walking, etc. are also desire-realization, as 108 and other twisted people have said.

Whatever it is, you are in the world where desire = realization. This is how the cynics recognize desire-realization. 108’s is the way to respond to 505. In other words, you acknowledge that it exists. This is also desire-realization.


582 :Mogiri no nenrei san:2010/09/26 (Sun) 00:17:27 ID:ZtiP1ZR.0

Yes, now. Now. I understand. I understand it all. I read the twisted response as well. It all came true. Everything I wanted. It’s sad, but I feel like, “I see. Wish = Fulfillment. I want to say good job. To me.

>505 I felt that the one addressed to me was more suited to me, but that one makes me feel like an over-pooper.

586 :Mogiri no nenban-san:2010/09/26 (Sun) 00:25:27 ID:isa5szwA0

Otsu. That’s why I suggested the twisted one for you.

And the lonely feeling is like after a festival, isn’t it?


588 : Mogiri no naiyou-san: 2010/09/26 (Sun) 00:29:01 ID:ZtiP1ZR.0

Yes, it is. I did the twisted formula before, but I didn’t understand it. After the festival. I guess I feel like I ran 200m when I should have just done 100m. And then I ran 200m. Like that.


590 :Mogiri no naman:2010/09/26(Sun) 00:32:56 ID:isa5szwA0

Back to self-love once more, I think you responded with a sad sentiment, “You love yourself so much that it makes it okay for them not to love you, doesn’t it?”, no?


591 : Mogiri no naiyou-san: 2010/09/26(Sun) 00:35:30 ID:ZtiP1ZR.0

Sigh. Oh, I realized it when you said it, but it’s a sad sentiment. This.


595 :Mogiri no nakamisan:2010/09/26(Sun) 00:39:23 ID:isa5szwA0

Because it seems to you now that that is a sad thing. In other words, you don’t want to be.

That’s why you don’t love yourself any more than you do now. This is also desire = realization.




594 :Mogiri no nenrei san:2010/09/26 (Sun) 00:37:43 ID:pHR4cQO2C

I’m not quite sure how to deal with reality. isa5szwA0 what do you think?

I feel like reality is just a hindrance to choosing the world I want.

If it is only a projection, I think it would be better to just let it sink in or meditate on it. It was easy for me to become phenomenal with my intention of completely ignoring reality.

596 :Mogiri no nenbanasan :2010/09/26(日) 00:40:48 ID:isa5szwA0

If that suits you, that’s fine.


598 :Mogiri no namer:2010/09/26(Sun) 00:42:56 ID:isa5szwA0

It’s different for each person.

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