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913 :Mogiri no nenban: 2011/02/23 (Wed) 01:18:35 ID:BFmW.SE.0

What kind of things did Mr. Kuwata himself attract?

I have only heard that you received a computer….

I don’t think it’s surprising that he could easily get 10 billion yen, since he has a tremendous story that the world is made by him,

Why is it that I have never heard such a report from those who say that everything is already there…?


947 :Mogiri no nenrei : 2011/02/24 (Thu) 02:37:30 ID:391VQqOM0


When money is given the role of “a thing to satisfy greed,” the world becomes such a reality.

If there is a spell that says “10 billion yen will fall from the sky,” and you try to practice it and what falls is “a safe that will never open no matter what you do, but has 10 billion yen in it,” I think you would say, “Screw that.

In other words, they don’t want the money itself,

You are creating a world in which money is the only way to get things and security.

Wanting money to satisfy our material desires is almost synonymous with wanting to live and breathe.

It is the same as not caring about breathing.

Many people ask me, “Why don’t you attract money?” Many people ask, “Why don’t you attract money?

“Why don’t you attract breath?” but not many people ask, “Why don’t you attract breath?

The reason why so few people ask the question, “Why not attract money?” is that so many people have created a world where money is a necessity,

So, there are many people who are creating a world where money is necessary, and few people who are creating a world where breathing is necessary.

As for myself, if you ask me what I got other than a PC, I recently got a “Soul of Chogokin: Six Gods Combined God Mars” at a reasonable price.


927 :Mogiri no Name:2011/02/23(Wed) 19:30:34 ID:LvNKbdAs0

If you don’t have 10 billion, you are not happy, huh….

I don’t mean to go that far, but maybe I said that because I recognize that what I’m trying to do is that difficult.

If you feel happy, that’s good.

Looking at the first part of this thread, there were some great reports, but the majority of the reports were modest.

I think that only a small percentage of people can make a big change, and this is also true for the gurus who have not obtained 10 billion dollars.

I just want to be happy, but I don’t know why it doesn’t work like this…


947 :Mogiri no nenbanban: 2011/02/24 (Thu) 02:37:30 ID:391VQqOM0


If you just want to be happy, you are the one who wants to be happy,

Look for where your heart is that wants to be happy.


932 :Mogiri no nenrei san:2011/02/23(Wed) 21:33:53 ID:AqNPkTj6

What do you think about the existence of others, Mr. Kuwata?

If the whole world is you, then others are also you.

But they seem to move freely with their own will.

Or in my world they are mine and act as a projection of my inner self?

When I feel someone is kind or beautiful, it is because I am kind and beautiful.

Psychologically, I can see that, but then what about their behavior?

They who love me, laugh at me, curse me, or hate me.

Are they me? Do they hate me because I hate them?


947 :Mogiri no nenban: 2011/02/24 (Thu) 02:37:30 ID:391VQqOM0


It is difficult to convey this area in writing, but when the perception changes, it is not limited to money.

It is difficult to convey this in writing. It’s not there, but it’s there.

I” is also “present but absent, and “absent but present”.

If there is no “I,” there is no “you” at all.


202 : 195 : 2011/03/07 (Mon) 14:55:22 ID:RMqfWbwA0

I’m still not comfortable with “I = the world”!

When the holographic story came up, I thought I might be able to accept it if “I = (I choose) the world”.

Maybe it’s because I feel lonely to think that I = the world and there is no one else.

I want to love someone and be loved by someone.

Is this also a notion?


206 :Mogiri no nenban: 2011/03/07 (Mon) 15:41:46 ID:391VQqOM0

The initial stage of self=world can be somehow sensed if you experience the change of undintity.

What if you hear the sound of your breathing or the sound of your heart, and you judge on your own that it is “your” breathing sound?

What happens when you remove that judgment? There is only “sound.”

Then what creates the concept of “sound”?

When the concept is created and then it becomes “my – nantaka” or “I am – nantaka,” that is where the endless story begins again.


984 : Mogiri no Nanka: 2011/03/22 (Tue) 17:36:04 ID:eY.usTNQ0

I’m practicing in my own way, but I feel like it’s more of an ordeal.

I know in my head that it is an illusion, but I still feel that I cannot achieve my desires or change my perception, that I cannot believe in it.

Am I being tested? Am I being tested by myself?


986 :Mogiri no nenrei : 2011/03/22 (Tue) 18:07:42 ID:KKtq6Gqg0


When you try to control many things, you create more and more ordeals.

The ego will multiply as it searches for reasons as to why it is or why it is not fulfilling its desires.

So, the ego is looking for reasons why the desire will come true or why the desire will not come true, and it is better to give up all control.

The ego says, “You want me to bungee jump without a lifeline! It’s almost like a scream, “You want me to bungee jump without a lifeline!

I’m sure you will hear a near-exclamatory scream of “You want me to bungee jump without a lifeline?

The truth will come out when you give up everything and bungee jump.


990 :Mogiri no nenbanan:2011/03/22(Tue) 18:23:47 ID:41tBrscU0


Does letting go of all control mean that I should not do what I should do and let things happen?

For example, when you are sick, you think you have to go to the doctor, or take medicine, or look it up on the internet, etc… Does it mean to stop all these activities…?

Or is it okay to relax, knowing that there is no direct connection between that and realization…?


993 :Mogiri no nenbanasan:2011/03/22 (Tue) 18:36:39 ID:KKtq6Gqg0


You are probably not sick right now (sorry if you are).

Of course it is not wrong to say, “If you are sick, you must take medicine.”

However, this is the same as creating the ego that says, “I have to do 00 to make my desire come true” or “I did 00, so my desire must have come true.

When we pursue wish fulfillment, two desires arise.

One is the desire for control, which comes when the desire is fulfilled and says, “If I keep doing it this way, it will be all right, and I will make more of it,

The other is the desire for control, which says, “This way is not good enough, let’s find another way.

Thoughts call for the desire for control, and the desire for control calls for more thoughts.

So when we let go of control, we see something.

Of course, the ego will try to stop you from giving up control with a scream.

But when you hear the scream, it means that you are already aware of the ego and your perception is changing.

If you “know in your head that it is an illusion,” why do you keep trying to control it?


45 :Mogiri no nenbanasan:2011/03/23(Wed) 15:25:12 ID:T2dAm6f.0

Mr. Kuwata.

I’m the one who was crying yesterday because I couldn’t jump in at the precipice.

I wrote that I eventually gave up any control on my own after that.

Things have turned around since then.

I don’t have to do anything to make things better, it just happens naturally.

In the past I would have chalked it up to coincidence, but this time I’m consciously reminding myself that it’s different.

When I took your advice, the ego’s scream was really tremendous,

I had to stand on the edge of a precipice with my ego holding my precious core hostage.

I couldn’t help myself, so I posted here.

Then, at the perfect time, you responded to me.

I feel like you gave me the courage to dive into the precipice at the right time.

Thank you very much.

From now on, I will be more aware of my lack of control.


108 :Mogiri no nenban: 2011/03/25 (Fri) 00:44:06 ID:KKtq6Gqg0


I am glad to hear that things are turning around.

> In the past I would have just dismissed it as a coincidence, but I’m consciously reminding myself that this time it’s different.

You don’t have to keep telling yourself it’s not a coincidence, it doesn’t matter.

What’s the problem if it’s not a coincidence but a necessity?

I’ve written before that I’m aware that “this is not a coincidence.

I have a desire to control it.

I don’t care if it is coincidence or inevitability.

In the first place, why do you want to control something?

If you recognize it as an “enemy,” you will start an endless battle with it.

I apologize for the abstract expression, but I don’t think an orchestra conductor would recognize a sound as an “enemy” even if it is a little out of tune.

Even if the sound is a little out of tune, the orchestra conductor should not see that sound as an “enemy” but harmonize it well.

There are not many conductors who would suddenly punch a violinist just because his violin is out of tune.

If he did that, there would be a lot of injuries and the performance would be interrupted frequently.

If you do that, there will be a lot of injuries, and the performance will be interrupted from time to time.

If you harmonize, you will realize that there is no such thing as a “self that is conscious” or a “thing that you are conscious of,” but rather that they are one.

Being one means, after all, that you have been one from the very beginning.

It is the ego that has been deliberately separating them.

If you feel “what is harmony?

If you feel that “harmony” means “what the heck”, you can take it to mean “don’t create your own enemies” anyway.

> >From now on, I will be more aware of my non-controlling self.

That is a wonderful thing,

However, if you start to be conscious of “myself as an observer,” you may end up creating an ego called “myself as an observer,

If you start to be aware of yourself as an observer, you may end up creating an ego of “being an observer”, which is like a strangely optimistic young ego that says, “I am an observer, so I will not participate in anything, that I will not participate in anything.

This is similar to what I wrote above, but “what observes” and “what is observed” are essentially non-existent.

The ego exaggerates reality (what it perceives as reality) to an extreme degree, so the first thing it does is to say, “I have to control it somehow!

“I have to control it somehow!” and when it decides that it can’t control it, it says

And when it decides it can’t control it, it says, “I have to be an observer! And when he decides he can’t control it, he says, “I have to be an observer!

In the end, it’s just a different expression, but deep down, it’s still the same thing: “I want to control a powerful enemy.

“I want to control a powerful enemy, but it seems impossible, so I’ll just sit on the sidelines until it passes,” and “I want to somehow get through the enemy.

In other words, “A powerful enemy is approaching!

In other words, “A powerful enemy is approaching! Can mankind survive? The only difference is whether we are actively participating in the storyline created by the ego, or whether we are participating as a bystander.

The ego has not moved one bit, just the role it plays has changed.

This kind of ego movement


If you become aware of these ego movements, I think you will be able to experience what it means to be “one” in the truest sense.

Become “one with the present moment” without being distracted by thoughts.

But please don’t read too much of what I write or do meaningless things.

In the end, everything I write is an afterthought. I write cool things like “being one with the present moment,” but this is also an afterthought.

It’s similar to when a person who is sound asleep doesn’t realize at the time that they are asleep.

It’s the same as waking up and saying after the fact, “Oh, I slept well today,” or “I was watching TV, but I don’t remember anything from that point on, so I must have been asleep.”

Just skim through it and forget the rest.